That was a good article, thanks for the URL. I still remember "art appreciation" class in high school. Some of the paintings we saw blew me away, others I simply thought were junk and said so. I just couldn't see the sense in being told what I should like, no matter how "important" anyone else thought a painting might be. I didn't know it then, and could not put it into words, but the ones I hated were just too contrived, or were trying too hard to make "a statement". It was like they were being forced into whatever "school of art" was in fashion at the time. Some were just too cluttered or too weird. Just like photos (or anything else) that are too busy or consciously trying too hard to be "art" or "original" or "important" and fall flat. What I got from the article was that simplicity is beauty. Sort of like Akkam's Razor which says the simplest explanation is the best one. It makes sense.