I'm also having difficulties finding relevant wiring diagrams for my UV box. I have all the parts (sans wires, will buy today).

This is my setup, maybe someone can chime in and help me out with the wiring. I was planning to let someone else do the wiring, but can't find one to do it! Electricians here seem quite uninterested in doing a "cheap" job like this, they are busy working for corporations and making big bucks, it seems.

6 Philips Actinic 05 tubes, T12 (36 mm diameter) 20W
12 tube holders
3 electronic ballasts
6 starters
6 starter holders
3 condensors for balancing the current

I understand how to wire a circuit of 1 ballast, 2 tubes 2 starters, but am unsure how to wire the condenser. And I'm very unsure how to wire it all together, in series or parallell. I live in Sweden, where we have 220-240 V and 50 Hz electrical power.

Help would be greatly appreciated!