hi mike -

my 35mm & 120 format negatives are stored in print files and binders ...
and my 4x5 negatives are mostly stored in glassine envelopes and archival unbuffered thumb-tabbed envelopes. i write the subject / notes on the envelope and then it is stored in an archival "shoebox" ... the kind that libraries store stuff in. 4x5 prints are stored the same way, minus the glassine.


i haven't had a chance to get glassine pages for my 5x7 negatives. they are kind of stored by subject/time period in formerly empty film boxes

i don't really have a way of describing how my prints are stored ( kind of entropic i guess).
in empty paper boxes, with notes on the outside. the prints are grouped by subject / project.

i kind of know where everything is once i start digging,
but when i die, its just going to look like a big mess