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When my lab tried to get an account with Kodak they wanted a firm $25K commitment and wanted to see company financials... just to buy their products, not even looking for credit.
Do you know this for a fact? What do you mean by "my lab"? Your employer? Or the lab where you have your work done?

Requesting financials and a minimum is a contract and it does not necessarily have anything to do with buying on credit.

I find no issue with Kodak changing their distribution model or terms. They are, after all, trying to reduce expenses. The cost of running direct distribution for smaller customers can be significant.

And minimums are to be expected when you deal directly with a manufacturer. Some large manufacturers do no sales directly, but sell only through distribution channels. So I actually find the fact that Kodak still sells analog products direct to be somewhat surprising, especially in light of diminished sales of those products.

A lot of people here seem pretty naive about basic business practices, not to mention the realities of the shift to digital. Buying the materials of your choice and making good photos is a lot better than whining and speculating on speculative rumours.