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Hey Guys,

On the Northeast LF Mailing List Richard Ilomaki is planning an LF photo shoot in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn. Thought I'd post the details:

Richard Ilomaki is hosting a small gathering on Saturday April 7 at 9:00 AM in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn. The group is meeting just behind the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory:

2 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, 11201
(on the dock behind the "lighthouse")

I'm hoping to attend if I can get some new "wheels" for the 11x14....The old ones literally melted off on last week's outing! (I think it was the weight, not that I was going to fast...)

I expect to be there BUT, in the most recent post over at LFPF Richard wrote:
Hi All

I think this was the one at at my instigation.

I will be in Brooklyn on Friday April 6th at 9:00 AM at the end of the yellow arrow, where I assume I will not have to deal with rangers.

Anyone else would be warmly welcome, certainly warmer than the last one in Central Park.


I'm not sure Richard will be there Saturday, perhaps Alec could clarify.....