We use rainwater as our main home water supply, and with the darkroom I have had a city water line put in just for that. The chlorine smell is very strong in the city water (maybe because I am used to rainwater?). How does chlorine and other city water crud affect archival print making? I am also weary of the filters that can be hooked to the waterline. Reason being is I have a water distiller and at my last house, with city water, there was muck left in the boiling chamber after doing a cycle -we then had a filter put in (looks like the ones many have on their darkroom sink), I then filled up the boiling chamber with the 'filtered' water and ran the distiller through a cycle -end result was same muck in the boiling chamber after the cycle. So what do you guys do for filtration? double up on the filters? triple up? Use special filters, etc? Thanks!