I think you should try and use a bathroom for the developing.
mainly to reduce the dust as its a problem.
The other ways are to have a clean set of darkroom clothing that should be made of cotton or nondusty/hairy matter.
The purchase of an ioniser can be helpful.
as too cleaning the room the day b4 and in morning moping the floor to reduce the dust.
The access to hot and cold water is useful as is drainage.
drying the film in the shower will assist in reduction of dust but a film drying cabnet is a extra that can be useful.

Water purity can be an issue filtration can help this as alternatly
purchasing mineral water.

Also the papers are expensive so a scanner is a better budget choice.though archival options are lesser.

Measuring jugs can be bought secondhand really cheaply as too the
funnel and storage bottles.
marbles can be added to some bottles to reduce the air degradation.
Squeezy ones are the best but they cost sooo much.

also needed

thermoter ...get a good one dont scrimp
film extractor
daylight tank
changebag or thick cotton blankets
Film hanging wieghts or paper clamps
Funnel for keeping the chemicals
storage bottles for chemicals (store in a fridge under lock and key)
((ad marbles to normal opage ones to reduce the oxidization))
jugs at least 3 of 2 litre jugs with 100 mls increments on them.
smaller jug with smaller mls increments
a timer with coundown function.it needs to measure seconds and at least two minutes.
A Toothbrush for cleaning the spools.
Stirrer if you buy the powdered chems.
The chemicals Id choose the powdered variety.
or maybe liquid rodinal developer.
larger storage vessels for mixing the bulk powder.

Cheap books are readly available second hand
for as little as $5. second hand. the info may be old but its usually a good starting point.