There don't seem to be a lot of Minolta users - from board to board it seems everyone uses Canon or Nikon. I bought a Minolta in April - my first ever SLR. It's easy to use and has the full manual operations. I've only bought one other lens for it so far. Before I invest a lot of money in a 400mm or 600mm lens I'd like to know if there's some significant difference in photographic quality that more people do not use Minoltas.

Why did I choose the Minolta? Price, for one. When looking at Nikons it seemed really confusing as to which lenses worked with which bodies. I shopped for bodies and lenses long before I made a purchase, as I wanted to make sure I could find what I needed and could afford what I needed.

Any way - if anyone has an opinion on why Minoltas are not very popular I would appreciate it.