Hear, Hear. I've looked at the newer Nikon bodies periodically, in the thought that it might be time to trade up to something for which parts are still officially available, and I just can't.... I can learn the newer interfaces, but I'm afraid that the last camera they made that offered a semi-intuitive interface that was comfortable to use was the F2A. As for the Canons, they passed my button-count comfort-level somewhere around 1982 with the A1. (not that this was all bad; my Uncle was kind enough to pass his Spotmatic on to me when he upgraded to the Canon) Newer ones are worse yet, in that they require a VCR-like manual before you can even turn them on.

My opinion (FWIW) is that if it feels like I'm starting a 747, rather than a camera, then it has too many buttons and functions.