I went. I just lurked around - I wanted to see the print competition winners. One thing that I thought was really refreshing was the apparent lack of dull 'old-west' cowboy landscapes (you know what I'm talkin' 'bout). I wonder if they had something of a mandate to show young (and unpretentious) work... and I also wonder what didn't make the grade. I was expecting to get depressed about my own printing abilities... but it was a nice recalibration in a way. I didn't think the prints were all that great. Decent - I would say. Flame me if you want - but I wasn't even that impressed by Sexton's prints (granted - they were nice, if a little anemic - to me). There were a few people there showin work/getting crits, who I thought had slightly better printing than Sexton and others. But mostly because the subject matter really worked with the papers they were using. But anyway - it was good. Though I regret not putting something in the competition now.