I found Oriental paper at Unimagem, which is located at Rua dos Andradas, 29 (downtown Rio de Janeiro). Their phone numbers are (21) 2221-0008 and (21) 2232-9439. But you have looked for this paper at BH Photo (http://http://www.bhphotovideo.com/b...anguge&Q=&ul=P), haven't you?
If I remember well, what I saw where two boxes containing 100 sheets of RC Oriental paper. I didn't buy them because I wanted a 25-sheet package.
In case you want to know anything else, please send me a private message - and you may write it in Portuguese, of course!

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where did you find Oriental in Brazil (was it is Rio)?
I live in Bauru, Sao Paulo, and didn't find Oriental yet. I love their VCFB.
Here, in the countryside, it seems to be hard to find traditional materials. The last time I've encountered Agfa, I just bought all the of them (near 800 sh. of 12x16")
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