This was my first year attending the Silver Conference and I will surly go back next year. I think a lot of people that may have attended last year were turned off about going because a lot of people were thinking most the talk would be about marketing/galleries/publishing, and not everyone is interested in that.

The first night was a very inform critique for the select few that were not students and random people wandering in looking for a free critique. Personally, I did not see to much work that excited me much, but that is not to say that there was not some fantastic work. I was showing a small portfolio of random images as well. I had hope to take both my older work, Iceland portfolios and my new work...but my portfolio boxes which were being custom made did not arrive in time for me to take all my work.

Ken Rosenthal gave a presentation on his life work. Mary Virginia Swanson gave an intense lecture on marketing that I'm still trying to sort out in my head because she packs so much information into her talks. A lady from BLURB gave a talk about their book publishing company to try to get more sales from those would be foolish enough to send them their photographs. John Sexton gave an amazing lecture on his life work, the work of Ruth Bernhard, and of course Ansel Adams. John was an amazing speaker and I highly suggest if you ever get the chance to attend one of his so.

The second night was an even more informal critique with EVERYONE, including students from the school. I was there for awhile, but it was a complete madhouse of people running around trying to show their photographs and see others photographs. I left that night to head home, missing the final day.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to view my work and thank you everyone that brought beautiful work to share as well!


Ryan McIntosh