There are two feasible ways to remove silver from hypo solution.

As I stated above, addiing solid or a concentrated solution of KI (Potassium Iodide) to hypo that is exhausted will precipitate yellow Silver Iodide which can be filtered out and reclaimed.

The second method involves either electrolysis or metal exchange with a metallic surface such as Iron. Often steel wool is suggested. Kits for this are available from several manufacturers.

There are many posts about this subject here on APUG and also on Photo Net among others.

Since the latter method I've mentioned is used commercially, it is the best method. It can be easily carried out at home.

A final mention might be made of a method used formerly at Kodak and by the military, which is no longer in use. The scrap film and used hypo were incinerated leaving behind silver residue in the ash. This is not in use currently and has not been AFAIK for about 50 years.

I mention this because the heat and oxidation has suggested to me that if you can decompose the hypo by strong acid or oxidant, then the Silver ions would probably precipitate from the exhausted solution. I have never tried this, but it probably would work.

Reclaiming Silver as Silver ions rather than Silver metal is not very economical.