I just got my EG&G sensitometer today. I currently have an older Wejex and would like to put together a buyers guide comparing the two. If I can pick up an X-rite green/blue sensitometer for cheap I would like to include that in the comparison.

Before plugging in the EG&G I took the cover off to inspect the capacitors and visually check the components for signs of damage.

Everything looked OK so I fired it up. The electronics seem to work OK except the three buttons for flash duration do not seem to work in the correct order. The 10-4 button gives the shortest flash but the 10-3 button gives the longest flash, with the 10-2 button falling somewhere inbetween. I'll have to take the cover off again to check this out. The cover had been off previously and the power cord had been replaced.

It looks like there is a diffusor screen missing from the exposure chamber. If someone out there has an EG&G I wish they could comment.

My light path is as follows: xenon bulb then a clear plate with black border over it. Next was a Wratten ND filter just placed over the clear plate. Next was the exposure chamber which is empty. Next is the rectangular clear glass on top of the exposure chamber and taped on that was a plastic step wedge.

It seems like I am missing a diffusor in the light chain.