Meatyard was one of my early photographer heros. He died about the same time I became interested in photography. I've read a lot about him and his work and several critques of his work but it's been some time ago and my memory is fuzzy. Much of his photography concerned identity, hence the mentioned masks used in numerous of his pictures. His Lucybelle Crater photo series is the best example of this but it also appears in many of his other photographs. If I remember correctly, he offered very few hints of his personal motivations in making his enigmatic photos.

Speaking of being conventional, Meatyard lived a relatively conventional life as a fairly conservative Southern optician and pursued photography in a local camera club. He became influential in photography despite being physically isolated from any major cultural center. And despite the "artsiness" of his photographs, he was apparently low-key and unpretentions.

I like most of his pictures that I have seen. They are all open to interpretation by the viewer.