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Well I can't answer in a sure way, but I can tell you something.

A R&D departement was built with the association of Bergger, Moersch and Fotohuis. The goal: to replace all Forte and Made by Forte products. I don't know if Bergger products were re labelled Forte ones, but if these products are now made in another plant, it will need a few technical development, to get the closer as possible to forte products.
My fear is about film. I don't know if they will be Foma films or real new films. But it will be easy to see it: Foma Films are blue!
Thank you, that's good to know. I feel very confident, based on personal experience, that Bergger's BPF 100/200 films were identical to Fortepan 100 and 200. A BPF 400 film was also marketed in some parts of the world, but I never used it. It has been suggested that most Bergger papers had Forte counterparts, but I have not used Bergger papers extensively and cannot comment.

It has been suggested that Foma's ISO 100 and 800 films (the latter now discontinued) made extensive use of Agfa's APX technology. I do not have enough personal experience with Foma films to form an opinion on this matter.

We will have to wait and see what the Fotohuis/Moresch/Bergger alliance can deliver. I, for one, am very grateful they are making the effort.