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Thanks for the formula, Jorge.

BTW, the URL you gave for the "Bluegrass" Formula gets you to:

1. The Bluegrass website where you can email them about buying their developer (which they say does not contain Glycine and is definitly not the same as Ed Buffaloe's 777.
2. The Unblinking Eye site where you can read the article "Remembering 777" by Fred De Van with additional comments by Ted Kaufman, Larry Price and Ed Buffaloe. This article contains the formula for Ed Buffaloe's 777.
It is actually Harvey's 777 formula the one used by Fred and Ed in his site. At the time of the article I was helping Ted develop a Glycin/PPD developer and this is the reason he got involved in this article, but he seems to have disappear.

If I remember correctly Fred De Van mentioned in a photo.net thread that he had worked with someone who had developed or figured out the Defender formula, but I could be wrong, it has been a couple of years since then. From what I remember 777 did have glycin as an active ingredient, of course Dupont never released the formula, so it is anybodies guess whether the Bluegrass formula is really the original 777 or just another formulation much like Harvey's 777.