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Are you using a flat screen monitor or a tube monitor? If so, one contains selenium and arsenic and the other contains lead and mercury. The computer contains both selenium and arsenic. If it shorts out, and you smell a garlic like odor, then that is the arsenic. It happened to me once.

What is the power consumption of the monitor vs a reading lamp?

Do you use a gas stove or electric stove?

Do you use a gas furnace or an oil furnace, or maybe even coal?

Do you wash your fixed prints in running water or still water? Either way, the wash water contains hypo and silver.

Do you use selenium toner and then wash your toned prints in running water? That puts selenium into the environment.

I could go on and list all of the questionable things we all do. I agree with you and was not criticizing. I'm saying that we seem to just concentrate on one thing when a 'fad' strikes the media, but what we should be doing is working on ALL waste products and open loops. Some of us are and some are not, so my notes above are just to show how many many there are.

I agree with you completely.

In my household we're pretty maniacal about recycling absoluetly every item and material that we can. I do not live in the land of curbside recycling. We have a wall of bins in our garage and we have to shchlep everything to appropriate drop off points. Some items must be horded till we have enough to justify a trip.

Computers and electronics go to a recycling center. My spent pyro goes to hazardous waste. My fix goes to the recovery tanks at a university photo dept. I try to minimize water consumption and release to the environment (I'm on septic).

I spend a lot of thought and energy on this stuff. I try to make the best decisions. I spent a fortune putting high efficiency HVAC in...I'll spend another one on tighter doors and windows. We're gradually transitioning to CF's because I think that on balance, with the present choices, they make the most sense, imperfect as they are.

Part of my motivation for all of this is to be the best environmental-citizen/photographer I can be. Handling chemistry responsibly makes much more sense to me than the more 'libertarian' approach.