In his attempt to get alternatives and even bargains no photographer should neglect the people behind those films and chemicals.
The Svema case shows again that there is a good chance that employees are duped. I guess no one realistically expects a chemical plant, and that’s what a film manufacturer is, to be turned into a chip producer. But if realistically obsolete the funds of a plant should be as possibly fair turned into means to a create perspectives for those people involved.
A lot of work of the trustee handling the people’s funds of the chemical and especially the mechanical photo industry of de GDR are questionable. (Well, there was the desire for immediate change… and they got it.) Now there is the argumentation of some people that Agfa was interested in a bancrupsy of Agfaphoto to betray the employees, (though I could put some arguments against) but the mere possibility makes one shiver.

Reading this again, it looks to me like written by a schoolboy. I’m naive.