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Thanks for the links. _Smallformat_ and _Super-8 Today_ are both magazines that might be interesting to APUG types.

I saw some prints on Slavich paper at the FS Distributing booth at PMA, and they were pretty good. It definitely looks like a paper I could work with.
Incidentally, some of Slavich's B&W papers are manufactured on a paper base manufactured in the FSU while others use German manufactured paper bases.

I did some initial testing with one of their graded papers (which used an FSU paper base) purchased from Freestyle back in Dec, 2006 and immediately encountered problems. Freestyle was alerted and though they did not refund my money, they did pay to have the remaining paper shipped back to them so they could, in turn, return it to Slavich for analysis of the defects.

Hopefully this was an isolated incident because, otherwise, word of mouth is that the papers are quite nice.