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Aldevo, I agree with you on a point: BRF200 =Fortepan 200, I can add that BRF 400= Fortepan 400. But I am sure: BRF 100 is NOT Fortepan 100. They are very different. They do not answer in a similar way to colours, and Forte 100 is much more grainy (grain is the same as old very fast film, quite like recording...)
You must be correct. In fact, Bergger's recommended developing times for BRF 100 are different than those published by Forte for Fortepan 100. Clearly different films.

Fortepan 100 is, as you state, very grainy. Curiously, my experience with BRF 100 was that it was also very grainy.

I last used BRF 100 at least five years ago (it is not often available in the USA). I suppose it's possible that Bergger originally had Forte manufacture this film only to switch to another producer.

In any case, you must be correct that in 2007 they are very different films.