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actually used the original 777 developer and recommends the formula in Ed's site
Does he? Read it carefully. Fred says, "It seems like you have it." Then a little later on he says, "None of us had any interest in making it ourselves, but what was in it was a constant question." That sounds to me like they never really knew what was in it exactly. He never states that he's used Ed's formula, although he does mention that he started with Defender 5-D.

In any case, the Bluegrass stuff is terrific developer, whatever's in it. You can't go wrong with it. It does behave to me as if it has glycin in it. The closest I've come with any other developer is FX-2, which has those 'glycin grays' and is a good stand developer.

Let us know how your negatives print, Tim. Who knows? Maybe you'll improve on it.