After hearing the news posted Saturday on Silverprint's site, I have been very concerned about the possibility of Kodak discontinuing the infrared films. Being suspicious of that information, I decided best to not consider the opera over until the fat lady sings!

I just spoke with a representative at Kodak who informed me that she had no such information pertaining to US production & distribution. She mentioned that the UK and other international regions may have had discontinued distribution.

My hopes are that the UK and other EU photographers are able to get as much Kodak film as they want. The more people purchasing infrared films, the more Kodak will see a demand and continue the production. Personally, I needed to order film, so am just getting more than I really needed or can afford right now.

So, if all this little scare did was create a bubble in Kodak's numbers for the month of April, then Happy Easter, Kodak!

By the way, I am really glad that this group exists, and plan to post my bio and gallery soon.

James C. Williams