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In fact BRF 100 did not exist in Europ before summer 2006. Maybe they use to deal with forte, but film was very bad quality. So they may have turned to other manufacturer. I don't know which one. It may not be Foma because the base of the film is so much different than fomapan 100. Ex-Orwo filmotec? Efke? Agfa Gevaert? I don't know... And Gerard doesn't want to tell me
I think Gerard can be forgiven. He's probably plenty busy again these days.

Yes, both BRF 100 and 400 are relatively new. Yet, I'm certain there was a Bergger-labeled ISO 100 film available in the 1990s. Bergger 135 and 120 film bases are not imprinted with the product name a la Kodak or Ilford so it's difficult to be 100% certain what film was used - unless careful notes are kept.

If I remember correctly, the original products were manufactured by Guilleminot up until around 1992. The name returned around 1995 when Bergger products appeared (Bergger = Boucher + Gerard) in the form of products manufactured by Forte and others. In any case, Bergger has quite a "legend" surrounding it - but even today nobody seems to know the whole story. Except Boucher and Gerard.

I believe I last used the ISO 100 film around late 1999 and it might have been outdated stock. In any case, it was given to me by an overseas friend and I did not purchase it from a retailer in the USA. The film was sent to be in the foil wrappers (no box) so there was no expiration date available.

FilmoTec certainly sounds like a logical source.