I've noticed a change in people's attitudes locally regarding me and a camera! For a couple of months early in the year it became a common sight to see me with a digital camera dashing around, stopping suddenly, snap an image then continue onwards only to stop again shortly later.
Quite often, people would notice me and start larking around where I was shooting...pulling faces, waving etc...
Now I only use a 35mm SLR, people somehow seem more reluctant to get in the way and will go about their business normally, or even stop walking if I'm shooting or try to crouch under my line of sight, and crab-walk along!
They regarded the digital camera as a toy and treated it accordingly, but the SLR seems to give me more credability in their eyes.

P.S. By the way, even if you're on public property, taking photo's around an airport isn't a good idea without permission!!! Being nose to barrel of a machine gun is an incredibly effective laxative!