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Odd, since nowadays Kodak only has coating facilities in the United States. There is no way Kodak can coat any type of film other than in the USA, however it seems ALL Kodak films (in 35mm) are finished in Mexico..that is cut and loaded into cassettes. Is that what you are seeing? That is not Grey Market.
Agreed. But much of the film I saw at Best Buy was made in the UK and was dated March or April 2008. This is Grey Market but the date implies it was produced about 18 months ago (or thereabouts) if my recollection of Kodak dating is accurate.

And, yes, I have begun to see film inventory finished in Mexico.

It's often a bit of a mystery as to where Kodak products are coated. Even when the B&W paper coating had moved to Brazil, Polycontrast IV packages were labeld with "Finsihed in the USA" or "Finished in Cadada". And I expect this is where the product was cut and packaged.