I just got back from Silver yesterday,
I have mixed feelings about the event. We brought down samplings of our work and met a lot of people both nights at our tables.
John Sexton is an amazing speaker and he definately was the highlight of the days event. The other speakers were interesting but I feel they fell short compared to John. The tech talk was limited to only 1hour and I think Ilford being a sponsor and present should have more time to talk about their vision of the future of silver. This was in my opinion one of the most critical areas of the conference and the time limit was very dissapointing.
A lot of time was spent on marketing ones work and simply was very dated and boring and if one followed all the advise you would no longer be a photographer , but an ad agency.
I was really dissapointed not to meet Tim Rudman as he and others were not brought in and I was not aware of that before I left Toronto for the Conference.
The event was not well attended as others have pointed out.
I think that this conference and some others should be combined with a major Photofest in a local that is sponsoring such a city wide photography festival.
I am thankful to the organizers to host such an undertaking, as I well know the problems that can and do occur from my experience with the first APUG Conference and our very vocal photocommunity should look at these events and be more supportive by attending and sharing.
Without attendence these events will definately go away which would be a shame.
I have met in person at Silver and APUG1 many , many wonderful people and I feel enriched by this one on one experience.
This trip I met Ralph Baker, Steve Simmons, Aggie, Robert Hall, John Upton, Another one of the owners of Ilford and many other photographers and printers , and it was a pleasure putting a face to some ot the names.
This is only possible by attending and supporting our communities efforts.
My main dissapointment is not with the Silver Conference but with the lack of attendees, plain and simple