It would be hard for me to even list the number of interesting encounters Ive had while out shooting. A majority of them in the downtown area of austin.
Ive been threatened, cursed, hugged, spit on, screamed at, preached too, chased, ticketed, etc etc.
one interesting encounter in particular, once I was out with my old Olympus OM and an 80-200 lens taking street portraits of people and the city and I noticed a girl sitting under an awning. she was maybe a few years younger than I (22 or so) and had a sign that read ..... "hungry, pregnant, anything will help" I usually make a note of carrying alot of change and a few dollars with me when Im wandering the city for these exact reasons, but on this occasion I didnt. I stopped and asked the young girl if she wanted something warm to drink (as it was quite cold out) perhaps a cup of coffee or the like. she said she would love a cup of hot chocolate, no coffee as she was pregnant (quite responsible I thought) so I went around the corner and bought two cups of hot chocolate and took one back to her.
I asked her if I could take a few pictures of her and she agreed but immediately started off on a rant about how George Bush was the anti christ and how she was going to a rally the next day at the capital.

I thought to myself "why is this young girl worrying about the president when she cant get enough money to eat and nourish the young life inside her". seemed so pointless for someone in her place to be worrying about such things...... she should have been worrying about getting a job or finding shelter so she could provide for the child she was bringing into the world. it was a strange occurence to say the least.