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This year we did have lower registration, why is a mystery to a lot of people. In the end we had over 250 attend, which is more than last year, this is because we decided as a group to allow students in at no charge on Saturday and they responded in droves. We also made the Silver Circle so that people that paid would get special attention on Friday night and Sunday morning.

Instead of canceling, we went with a smaller line up of speakers and panels. The choice for Art Center in Pasadena is logical, the school is the best, we have great facilities and it's pretty easy to administrate without too much before hand travel and expense.
Our hats are all off to you, everyone at Calumet and Harman Ilford, and your sponsors - for caring to make it happen! My thoughts (if you care) are as follows;

It appeared to me that there was just a single (and very steep) fee of $175 or so to attend any portion of the conference. I would imagine that you could get greater attendance by having some sort of la carte offerings - most conferences of ANY kind usually allow a 'pay-as-you-go' scheme of some sort. If, as with THIS conference, attendance will be unpredictable, it might be a great thing, in order to secure more heads, to offer a more varied lineup - this doesn't have to be at great expense - as long as the themes are compelling (and that's your job, I guess) - in which case, you'd be able to secure many lesser-knowns to talk at little to no expense. In this case, you might have varied themes, such as the 'state of the art' in alternative silver processes, or toning, say - and have a bunch of practitioners doing interesting work talking about their work. The number of compelling concepts you could come up with are as unlimited as your imagination. Certainly, the community here would be more than willing to help out - and, I'd imagine, the more involved you get such communities with the planning and execution of it - the more seats you'd be able to fill as well... it seems to me it can be as big as you want to commit to. If you ever want to engage this idea, please let us know.