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I'd like to respond from Calumet's side of the Silver conference:

This year we did have lower registration, why is a mystery to a lot of people. In the end we had over 250 attend, which is more than last year, this is because we decided as a group to allow students in at no charge on Saturday and they responded in droves. We also made the Silver Circle so that people that paid would get special attention on Friday night and Sunday morning.

Instead of canceling, we went with a smaller line up of speakers and panels. The choice for Art Center in Pasadena is logical, the school is the best, we have great facilities and it's pretty easy to administrate without too much before hand travel and expense.

The number of entires in the print competition was the same as last year, with great work submitted and chosen by our judges. How often does anybody get the chance to show their work to this level of judge?

I would like to say thank you publicly to our speakers who were tireless in their support of this conference and traditional photography.
Last year any profits from the conference were given back to ACD for a student scholarship, it really helped a kid in their career.

Our focus on marketing this year was so that we could help photographers get their work out into the world to be seen, work in drawers and boxes is wasted work, there is personal satisfaction, but photography is for sharing.

There is a lot of love and sweat between Ilford/Harmon, Art Center College of Design and Calumet Photographic that goes into this, almost 7 months of my time goes into the creation of this event as do my partners. We do it to give traditional photography a voice, I feel Silver was a smashing success this year. Looks for it again.

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Thanks for the update Richard. Hopefully, I will be able to attend the next one.