On June 22, I tried dissolving 8 grams of Amidol in 150ml of Propylene Glycol (PG). I put 150ml of PG in a 300ml Pyrex beaker dropped in a stirring magnet (Teflon coated) and poured in 8 grams of Amidol. Some of the Amidol slowly went into solution at room temperature (dark blue solution color). I increased the temperature with continuous magnetic stirring (under a vented chemical hood). Most of the Amidol dissolved by the time the solution reached 170 deg. F. I continued heating and stirring until the solution reached 270 deg. F. I could see that there was still some undissolved residue at that temperature. I slowly cooled the solution and decanted it into a bottle. There was about a gram (estimated) of undissolved material left in the beaker. I added 30ml of methanol to this residue, stirred and it dissolved (violet color). I added this to the PG mix (now a indigo color) and saw no color change. I have been watching this solution for changes (color, activity, etc).

It has now been 22 days since I mixed the solution of Amidol (8 grams) in a mixture of 150ml propylene glycol and 30ml methanol.

The color of the concentrated Amidol/PG mixture remains an indigo blue (unchanged from the time I mixed it).

Today (7/13) I mixed a small amount (about 80ml) of a dilute Amidol working developer solution. I used about 2 - 3ml of the concentrated Amidol stock solution. The rest of the working solution followed Michael Smith's Azo formulation.

I used the leader off an old (1989 Expry) roll of 35mm Tech Pan. I cut the leader into 2 pieces, fixed one piece and dropped the other piece into the beaker containing the dilute Amidol solution. The film piece turned black in about a minute. I left it in the Amidol for another minute, then washed it, fixed it in TF-4 (probably a mistake), washed and dried it with its fixed-only companion piece.

The developed piece is obviously stained, the stain color is green/black. The stain is not uniform and I suspect the TF-4 fixer may have removed some.

Color transmission densitometry of the developed piece shows:
Visual Channel Density = 1.17
Blue Channel Density = 1.46

The fixed-only piece shows:
Visual Channel Density = 0.13
Blue Channel Density = 0.10

I covered the beaker and will check the developer activity again after 8-10 more hours.