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Thanks for that Tom. Can you explain what your procedures are going to achieve and what you are hoping to find or not as a result? Are you simply testing for whether or not the developer is still as active as when first mixed? Will you be trying this out on some "scenic" negatives as well? Many thanks for sharing your research with all of us.
Yes Francesco,
I am preparing to do Azo/Amidol printing of some of my 8x10 negs next Saturday and I wanted to run a developer activity "proof test" on my Amidol/PG stock solution before then. There are a lot of stories about how Amidol solutions can "go bad" without changing color.

I also have 8 new sheets of Efke 100 to process (probably Thurs. night). All are landscapes/nature subjects and some were multi-second exposures made with my Polarfleece Sock/Shutter.