Since I have been busy chewing through some 1,600 rolls of Kodachrome, I have not been shooting much black and white so I am stocking up for now.

I have a boatload at this point:

50 rolls 35mm ADOX CMS 20
1200 feet 35mm TechPan
500 feet 35mm Efke 25
500 feet 35mm Ilford HP5
1,000 feet 35mm Ilford Delta 400
1,000 feet 35mm Ilford PanF
2,000 feet 35mm Agfa APX 100

75 rolls 120mm TechPan
500 rolls 120mm Ilford PanF

The bulk rolls pretty much stay in deep freeze for use 5-10 years from now. I also have about 100 rolls of the above for use much sooner.

...I plan on stocking up more, but I need to complete my Kodachrome project first.