The image also is on plate 134 in the book "Mirrors, Messages And Manifestations", but this one would be a lot harder to find and a lot more expensive. has copies of "The Eye That Shapes" in softback for $60. That's the cheapes that I've been able to find. It is a great book if you like Minor White's work. This image is not reproduced in Rites & Passages or Living Rememberance.

eBay, item #6912641727 is "Mirrors, Messages And Manifestations" currently at $79. It is without dustjacket and is listed as a First Edition, 1969. This book was also printed in 1982. It is must-have if you like his work and is a collector's item. The missing dust jacket would hurt it's re-sale value later but it is a good investment.

eBay item #6911644490 is "The Eye That Shapes", hardback 1st Ed. fine condition for a BIN of $150.

Good Luck.