I wonder if anyone really uses all the modes available on the modern electronic cameras. I suppose it is an attraction to have all these possibilities and options, but in reality, I would presume that most people have fewer than three setups they really like and use regularly.

Even on my F-1N (the version that came after the "n" mentioned above), I almost always leave it set on manual. If I use auto exposure, it's more to inject some spontaneity and randomness into my work than for anything else, kind of like using a Holga, and even then I'll turn it off when I really don't believe the meter or I'll use the exposure hold to get it to do what I want.

The Coolpix 990 has an all manual mode, but you can tell they designed it without expecting anyone to use it. There are two function buttons, and it is possible to assign exposure to one (press to toggle between aperture and shutter speed) and focus to the other, and then both are controlled by one thumbwheel. The thing is that the default mode for the thumbwheel is exposure, and you have to hold down a button while turning the wheel to adjust the focus, and there is no way to reverse them. Now anyone who has ever used a manual-focus camera knows that you are adjusting focus constantly, and adjusting the exposure only intermittently, so if they are going to offer manual focus as an option, it really ought not require holding a button down while turning the focus wheel.