I can proudly add two of our clients recieved honourable mention, Timothy Booth and Mark Nowaczynski.
All the winning images were up at the show and they looked great.

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I do appoligize for not getting the winners posted, it's a matter of finding some hosts to post so to speak. If you want to contact me at
I'll be happy to send them to you. It's frustrating with the technology sometimes. I can't figure out how to post an Excel sheet on this forum, seems different for everyone. Heck, I'll just type it.

Donna Pinckley from Little Rock Ar. won First Place Masters
Jon Edwards from Me. won Second
Jenna Close from Seattle won First Place Student
Marguerite Courtney from Redondo Beach Ca was Second in Student

The work was really great, we hope to have the book out on Blurb in a month with all winners and honorable mentions published.