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Is there any point at which a volume order receives any discount? Ten boxes? Twenty? Still pondering this whole whole-plate thing ... I assume there will still be inventory of 6x5 x 8.5 available for purchase? Sanders
I don't think it's realistic to expect a volume discount. The challenge for Ilford/Harman is how to avoid losing money on the deal. Given how difficult market conditions are overall, I'm grateful that they're willing to serve in this way. But there were variations in how much of a discount the various dealer partners offered off of list price, so one could have saved a few dollars by shopping around.

There was some inventory of whole plate FP4+ left over after the prepaid orders were filled last year. I don't know whether anyone knows what will happen this year. As a general matter, if you want to be absolutely sure of getting a particular emulsion/size, you need to put in a prepaid order during the scheduled period.