Ok, I've been wanting for a while to get into LF, and seems like the consensus is that the Super Graphic route is a good one to get your feet wet. So I'm ready to take the plunge.

However, I am absolutely clueless about LF lenses and stuff on the net is all over the map. So I was hoping some of the gurus here could help me out.

The type of shooting I want to do:

- wide angle work (20-50mm 35mm equiv)
- landscape foreground/background shots (tilt for focus)
- architecture w/perspective correction
- still life
- standard black and white & infrared

I'd like to start out with just one lens (something in the 80mm - 150mm range, and I'd prefer wider to normal [like a 35mm 35mm equiv]). I'd like to keep the lens from $200-$300. Looking to buy used.

Any suggestions?