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Retro Photographic also sell Efke Roll and 35mm films however they are expensive compared to Photo Impex in Berlin (who also run a very efficient mail order service)
I compared the prices on the two carefully a few months ago (based on postage to the UK).

PI had good prices, but charged a flat postage rate, which is VERY expensive if you only order a few films. Retro charge a little more, but the postage is proportional to the order size.

I figured I needed to buy about 25 rolls of efke r127 to make PI cheaper.

Mr Cad also were cheaper per film, but with a crippling postage surcharge.

I've bought a fair bit of stuff from Retro, and would recommend them, even if only because they're totally committed so supporting the communitee. One time I phoned in an order and ended up chatting for 20 mins to Nigel about tlr's.

I just got a batch of chemicals from them (Maco), as the service at the local photo shop has just got so bad I refuse to give them any more money. I'm sure they'll tell me they're dropping chemistry because no one is buying it - well I'm not buying it because they have a dreadfull range, and charge through the roof! The plan is to try a few of Retro's options and find something new to settle on as a standard dev.