Yes, Art, a good review. My wife and I were able to attend for about two and a half hours today and loved it. She was eagerly hoping to see some alt process work, and wasn't disappointed in the least. Lots of photogravures, albumen prints, platinum prints (the work of Ryuije is stunning....whenever we can afford it, we'd love to buy some of his prints, as well as the work of Koichiro Kurita), gum prints, and gum dichromates, tintypes, a few daguerotypes and more. There was also a much more liberal distribution of color work this year than in the past, ranging from small to enormous. Plus a typically inspiring collection of marvelous photographs by the usual suspects: Adams to Weston. Bill Schwabs's portfolio was absolutely gorgeous....if you only see his stuff here on line, you're missing a major treat. And, as Art observed, there was terrific stuff by Rolfe Horn, and Michael Kenna and Chip Hooper and other neo landscape photographers. I guess it makes sense to see the show over two days. It's a bit overwhelming all at once, and unless you take notes, which we didn't, only a thorough review of the excellent catalog can jog the memory of all we saw and enjoyed.

Plus....Susan had a nice chat with Joyce Tennyson. I thought that was fun!