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Jim introduced me to Rolfe Horn. Just amazing work of his shown at the Scott Nichols Gallery. At the end of the day we went back there and the following conversation ensued:
  • 20 Year Old Looking Rave Dressed Art: I'd like to buy the Rolfe Horn first edition book please.
  • Snooty Gallery Owner: You know it's $250?
  • Me: Yes, I'd like it couriered to me.
  • bla, bla, bla ...
  • Decrepit Jim Looking Like a Bum from Jersey: Yeah, I'd like the book and this print too.
  • Snooty Gallery Owner with a jaw dropping look trying to pull his entire leg out of his mouth: Um ... the First Edition too?
  • You know, if these art dealers start to realize there is a market out there who would buy prints as long as they aren't looked down upon by pretentious a$$holes, maybe they would sell more. Dunno? Just a thought.

I would have wrote:

A s/n Rolfe Horne book w/original photo: $250.00

A s/n original Rolfe Horne print: $700.00

Watching a grown man poop himself when two guys off the street drop $1300 in 2 minutes: Priceless!

Yes, a good show indeed. It was also great meeting Bill Scwab. Wonderful guy and amazing prints.

Looking forward to shooting in the city this year.

Glad you were able to make it Art,