I wanted to try a custom formulation of the ever popular D-76/ID-11 formula for myself that differs slightly from the bog-standard formula.
The formula is as follows:
Sodium Hexametaphosphate or Sodium Tripolyphosphate (Optional) 1-2g/litre.
Metol/Elon = 2g
Sodium Sulphite (anhydrous) = 85g
Hydroquinone = 5g
Sodium Metabisulphite = 3.5g
Sodium Metaborate = 4g
water to make 1 litre of stock solution.

The balance of Metol and Hydroquinone is the same as the classic D-76/ID-11 and D-76d formulas, while the balance of the two sulphites and the Sodium Metaborate are from the Kodak XTol patent.
I was interested in the comment on page 46 (FDC-Book) where Geoffrey Crawley mentioned that the older Ilford films gave better results in developers based on a metaborate system.
I`m not sure if there are any benefits to this formula over the standard one, but I have been pleased with the results with Ilford HP5+ which is all I`ve tried it with so far. The times for regular D-76/ID-11 should provide a good starting point.