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Hi Guys !
For a long time now, I was considering buying an sensitometer. But the price tag is astronomical, even on Ebay.
I was wondering if one could make good use for B&W material testing of dual color sensitometers used in X-Ray material testing like the X-Rite 383 which shows up from time to time ?
I have been trying to get an x-rite on e-bay for about 25-30 USD to use for testing, but two just got away. I want to compare it with the Wejex and the EG&G.

I can't just put a green or blue filter in the Wejex because, I think the x-rite uses LEDS which will have a discontinuous spectrum that cannot be duplicated with a simple blue or green filter. I DO actually keep a BLUE 80A filter in the Wejex, but since the common light bulb in my Wejex is a continuous spectrum device, some red does get through.

I really think that for 'process control' use (that is checking development times) the x-rite devices will work fine, but I want to test it first so I am not posting nonesense.