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anyone know if I can get away with 9x12 cm film in 4x5 holders, or does someone sell holders (that will fit the Shen-Hao) or some sort of an insert?
The 9x12cm holders are the same (external) size as 4x5" ones. They can be used on the same cameras - as indeed I do. Since some films are only available in 9x12cm and some in 4x5", I have both sizes of holders. 9x12cm is very common in Germany, Sweden and eastern Norway, while 4x5" dominates here in the west

Lisco, Fidelity, and all the other normal brands fit. Especially Linhof

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I'd like to try thier chemicals too, does anyone know what distinguishes a "lith" developer or what is meant by the "lith effect"
Lith printing is a whole 'nother discussion, as well as the subject of the recent series by Tim Rudman in "Black & White Photography" (Ailsa's Rag).