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Combining metaborate and metabisulfite will make same results as using borax and sulfite if you adjust the agents' quantities and the resulting pH. So, it's just a matter of convenience to choose which agents to use.

I've also looked at the description of FX-7 and compared it to FX-4. I see much more significant change in the bromide content and that's more significant than the difference between borax and metaborate. I haven't made up the solution to compare the pH, but I bet FX-7 has higher pH as well. I'm not sure what the point of FX-7 is.
I didn`t pay much attention to the differences between FX-4 and FX-7, now that you`ve pointed it out, there is a difference in the weight of sulphite and potassium bromide.
The main thing that caught my eye as I said in my original post, was the comment that the old Ilford films performed better in developers with a Metaborate system. I also used the same balance of Sodium Sulphite, Sodium Metabisulphite and Sodium Metaborate as that used in the Xtol formula on page 49 after reading the comment on page 50 that the Xtol developer was highly buffered. It seemed logical that the MQ developer that I mixed would also be well buffered too.
Have I wasted my time with this formula? I`ve had good results with it so far, so it would be disapointing if my efforts were in vain.