Newark's Portuguese "Down Neck / Ferry Street Corridor" is Newark's counterpoint to Philadelphia's "Italian Market", - and which is long a figment of the tourist industry's imagination. Another good "North-Jersey" location for street photography is Union City's "Bergenline Ave." from about 39th Street through 60th Street. With all the Hispanic food sellers, music, and - everything going on - "Bergenline Ave." in Union City is a walking photographer's paradise.

While both "Down Neck" and "Bergenline Ave." are ideal for 35mm/120 shooters, the Route One corridor from Lawrenceville thorough Rahway presents numerous attractive photographic opportunities. New Jersey has more operating dinners that any other state. For those who are interested in "old factories", Passaic is the place in "North Jersey". At Passaic's 8th & South Street, there is a working rail road repaid yard that is ideal for railroad buffs.

South Jersey - by the Delaware Bay - is reminiscent of Walker Evans vision of "dignity amonst the working men/women". The area's oil refineries and shuttered glass factories scattered through serene farm/swamp land present numerous photographic opportunities. While as different as night and day, Atlantic City through Cape May - with its Victorian mansions and vacationers - are also not to be forgotten.

Western Jersey offers the Delaware Water Gap, and through which area the Appalachian Trial weaves some very impressive hiking and landscape photographic opportunities. Dover - right off of 1-80 and Rts. 10 and 46 - is small but interesting for its Hispanic community.

For those who are "truly adventuresome", I recommend Camden. However, I would only recommend Camden to those who can bring a couple friends to assure that there are no "mis-undersandings". Presently, Camden is hard pressed and only a faint shell of its once manufacturing and ecconomnic prominence.

My idea for a Jersey APUG chapter is that we meet periodically for dinner, discuss past and future get togehters, and then each of use goes either alone or with friends "where-ever" the spirit moves us. I see the Jersey APUG chapter as a supportive and open minded - rather than a competitive or dogmatic group - of shutterbugs.

In this regard, Jim has been able to get Jersey APUG'ers a group weekend rate at a local Gettysburg, PA, motel. While I have offered to play "tour guide" through Philadelphia's Latino and Manychunk neighborhoods for those who may be interested in street photography.

Conversely, having been to the Philadelphia's "Italian Market" in the mid-50s' as a child - and continuing through the late 60s' - on numerous occasions; the current version of the "Italian Market" offers - at most - two city blocks of non-Italians who with very little to sell - do so at full retail for poor quality merchandise.

Given the number and location of those who reply, we will meet in the next few weeks at a restaurant that is centrally located. In keeping with the idea that the Jersey APUG Chapter is "Open", Jim and I believe that the means used to present an image are immaterial to the ultimate goal of enjoying the experience - and if a pleasurable image results - so much the better.


Robert J. Triffin