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Since Sean so kindly setup this region for us and a handy link too www.apug.org/ireland I thought it would be cool to introduce ourselves. So here goes;
Great idea Fintan. Here's me;

I'm David, living in Bray, Co.Wicklow. I have been involved with photography on and off for about 25 years. Up to recently it has all been 35mm film/slide, have had my own darkroom for B+W, kit is in my attic but intend to get it setup again soon. Recently got a DLSR (Sony A100) and while I do like the immediacy of the digital, don't think I will ever let go of film. Would like to get into some Medium format. My kit is all Minolta (now Sony) and I enjoy shooting, Landscape, Seascape and old buildings. I only signed up to APUG in Feb, having "hung out" on a Miniolta User's group prior to this. It's great to see such a vibrant forum with some locals.