Wow! Talk about a response.

O.k. First off. Location.

Ironwood is new. VERY new. Like 2 years old or something like that. Clinton had it desiginated before he left office, although the plan for it was in the works for a long time. It is basically an aggregate of federal land that was sort of just sitting there and turned out to be one of the last real places for the Ironwood tree. So they merged it.

Here is the website with some info on it.

Ironwood is located to the west of Saguaro National Park West. It is about 15 minutes from the Desert Museum to Ironwood. Basically Ironwood covers parts of the Silverbell Mountains between Tucson and the Tohono O'Odham reservation.

As for dates and time -

Any weekend will work for me at this point. Early March looks great. Saturday or Sunday. I'll let you guys sort of work out the details on this so we can figure out the ideal day. Then we can figure out transportation and other things.