Well, I guess I could say I like most of Sally Mann's "Immediate Family" photos - the book itself is a prized posession (The first two photos are indeed Sally Mann's - from the book "Immediate Family").

Some of the photos are indeed disturbing - but the ones I find most disturbing are usually the ones people don't usually mention - like "Jessie and the Deer", "Squirrel Season", "Flour Paste" or "Jessie's Cut". Probably because I'm squemish at the sight of blood and/or slaughtered/skinned animals :o (and as a father of two rather active boys, aged 5 and 7).

As for controversy due to nudity of the children, we've discussed the same issue about Sally Mann here on apug before - use the search engine to find the thread... It's a discussion I'd rather avoid, since it tends to get rather heated pretty quickly.

It's been discussed here before.


PS: originally, I wrote a lot more in my originaly reply, but thought twice about it, and decided to delete the most of it... Nothing inappropriate, offensive or rude - I'd just rather not enter into discussion about morality, nudity, etc...