I am a beginning photographer. Following some advice I read online, I decided to start with a Pentax ZX-M (manual focus) with a SMC-A 50/2 lens (I own no other equipment whatsoever).

The 50/2 does give me sharp pictures outdoors, however, even this fast lens is not good enough for photography indoors or at/after twilight. I don't have a tripod and even if I did, people indoors aren't going to hang around long enough for me to take a shot. So I'm forced to conclude: I need to use a flash.

However, I know nothing about flash photography. How powerful a flash do I need (i.e. what GN flash should I get)? How do I set exposure when using a flash? Can I use a shoe-mounted flash in 'fill flash' mode (like on P&S cameras) and does anyone know if the ZX-M is capable of that? What kind of flash metering is required?

Thanks for your help,